January 2014 articles about the How to work together project

Saturday 01 February 2014

We’re pleased to have had four articles published recently that discuss the model that How to work together presents of collaboration between arts organisations.

Ashitha Nagesh’s article “Non Profit Directors Join Forces for Artist Commissions” was published in Blouin Art Info on 27th January – download a PDF here.

Louise Jury’s article “Galleries pool resources for bigger picture” was published in The Evening Standard, also on 27th January – download a PDF here.

Pippa Koszerek’s article “How to work together: a novel response to fundraising” was published in a-n on 28th January – download a PDF here.

Sara Dolfi Agostini’s article “Londra, gli spazi no profit uniscono le forze per ottenere finanziamenti” was published in Il Sole on 25th January – download a PDF here.