NEWS—Source sans How to work together

Monday 04 November 2013

HTWT sans type specimen

Source Sans How to work together  is still changing…designers An Endless Supply recently made up this type specimen for us to show the evolution of our multi-authored typeface. Nine designers have now been given letterforms to adjust or reconceive: Kaisa Lassinaro, Roman Gortinsky, Dries Wiewauters, HIT Studio, A Practice for Everyday Life, Nylinh Trieu Ngu Yen, Noel Leu, Studio Frith, and Emilie Rigaud — who recently added the elegant sweeps to b, d, p and q. Each new generation of the typeface is recirculated to the designers who can chose to amend their original contributions in response to the changes to the whole font. The font will keep on changing throughout the project with more designers adding brand new letterforms and adjusting earlier ones. You’ll see these character changes on the website as we regularly update it.

Back in May, An Endless Supply wrote a text about the project for the Think Tank, it’s still available to read here