Céline Condorelli

— Avery Gordon talk

Wednesday 18 June, 7pm

Chisenhale Gallery

64 Chisenhale Road, London E3 5QZ

A talk by sociologist Avery Gordon on the occasion of the launch of Céline Condorelli’s book, The Company She Keeps.

The Company She Keeps is a collection of conversations exploring ideas of friendship between Céline Condorelli and  her friend the sociologist Avery Gordon, as well as the philosopher Johan Hartle. It is edited by Nick Aikens and Polly Staple and will be published by Book Works, Chisenhale Gallery and Van Abbemuseum in June 2014. The conversations between Céline Condorelli and Avery Gordon were originally  presented as part of the How To Work Together Think Tank.

This event is  free to attend but booking is advised. Please contact mail@chisenhale.org.uk to reserve a place.

Céline Condorelli, 2014, installation view at Chisenhale Gallery. Photo: Andy Keate. Commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery for How to work together a shared project with The Showroom and Studio Voltaire.