Funders & Supporters

We are very grateful to receive the support of:

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For the third and final round of artists’ commissions in 2015-16, How to work together has been supported by The London Community Foundation and Cockayne – Grants for the Arts.

How to work together, supported by Arts Council England

As a consortium, we receive a capacity-building and match-funding grant from Arts Council England through Catalyst Arts towards the first 3 years of the programme. The grant recognises our record of excellence in developing contemporary art projects of the highest quality and is intended to help us to develop our skills and increase our capacity in the areas of fundraising (with a focus on private giving), marketing and audience development in order to achieve stability and growth well into the future.

How to work together, supported by Bloomberg
Bloomberg has generously supported the first two rounds of How to work together artists’ commissions: the first round were presented in Spring 2014, and the second round are currently in production, with the exhibitions opening in Spring 2015.

Artist Commissions Production Fund

We recently launched the Artist Commissions Production Fund, inviting individuals to become ‘Producers’ or ‘Super-Producers’ of the second round of How to work together commissioned exhibitions, which are due to open in Spring 2015. To date, we are grateful to the following individuals for joining the Production Fund:

Resolution Property (Super-Producer)

Bilge & Haro Cumbusyan (Producers)

How to work together, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation
Jerwood Charitable Foundation has supported the Think Tank in the both the project’s first and second years, and has pledged core support for the project’s third year (2015-16).

How to work together, supported by Outset
Outset’s International Production Fund supported the first round of How to work together artists’ commissions, which were in production throughout 2013 and presented in Spring 2014.

Thank you to our circle of advisors

How to work together also benefits from the knowledge and skills of a generous circle of advisors that includes Brian Boylan/Wolff Olins, Nicolette Cavaleros, Michael de Guzman and Stephen Escritt.

If you are interested in supporting How to work together please contact Victoria Lupton at victoria@howtoworktogether.org

Background image © Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, published in Support Structures by Céline Condorelli