Think tank

The inaugural meeting of the Nervemeter Council

Studio Voltaire


Further to her contribution to the How to work together think tank, Bonnie Camplin invited The Nervemeter to hold their inaugural council meeting at Studio Voltaire on 31 August 2013. The meeting took place in three sessions; click on the buttons to listen to the full proceedings of the meeting. You can watch the slideshow from the meeting at the same time.

The Nervemeter is an autonomous, non-profit magazine which is sold on the street by the homeless. It was launched by co-founders Ian Allison and Kieron Livingstone in 2011.

An experimental business project in the form of a publication, The Nervemeter is produced by artists and writers and is distributed via a network of homeless individuals. This event followed the baroque results and responses that continue to grow and unfold from the circulation of the magazine to form a dense and intricate pattern of involvement.

During an afternoon of texts, conversation and images, The Nervemeter revealed a picture of its own experimental—perhaps perverse—working model of value creation and exchange, collaboration, and cold hard business. Members of the publication’s distribution network were invited to explain the benefits, conflicts and instances of cooperation in their own words. You can look at photographs from the event on the event page, here.