'The Sharing Economy: A Post-Mortem' — a panel discussion hosted by Bloomberg

The two videos below are the documentation from a panel, “The Sharing Economy: A Port-Mortem”, organised by How to work together at Bloomberg in the context of the Think Tank on Wednesday 18 March 2015, 6–8pm.

“The Sharing Economy: A Post-Mortem” aimed to understand and question the utopia promised by the ‘sharing economy’ – the system of peer-to-peer services that leverages technology to enable the distribution or reuse of goods and services – and its relevance to the art world.

Examining the contemporary economic landscape for corporations, non profit organisations, governments and community ventures, the panel explored where the ‘sharing economy’ may lead us in the future; the political repercussions of open data ideals; and how the principles of collaborative consumption have been and may be deployed in the art economy.


Mercedes Bunz

Indy Johar

Helen Kaplinsky

Brett Scott

Moderated by Ben Vickers

Curated by Victoria Lupton and Ben Vickers


“The Sharing Economy: A Post-Mortem” – a panel hosted by Bloomberg

With speakers Brett Scott, Indy Johar & Mercedes Bunz


“The Sharing Economy: A Post-Mortem” – a panel hosted by Bloomberg

With speaker Helen Kaplinsky & audience Q&A

Speaker Brett Scott Speaker Brett Scott Speaker Indy Johar Speaker Indy Johar Speaker Mercedes Bunz Speaker Mercedes Bunz Speaker Helen Kaplinsky Speaker Helen Kaplinsky