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Ella Kruglyanskaya, Tatler, 09.04.14

EXPANDED – How to Work Together London, ATPdiary, 06.2014

Strength in Numbers, Financial Times, 03.2014

Non-Profit Directors Join Forces for Artist Commissions, BLOUIN ARTINFO, 01.2014

Galleries pool resources for bigger picture, Evening Standard, 01.2014

How To Work Together: a novel response to fundraising, a-n, 01.2014

Londra, gli spazi no profit uniscono le forze per ottenere finanziamenti, Il Sole, 01.2014

Top 10 May Recommendations, AnOther Magazine, 05.2014

Must See: Five London Shows Opening This Week, BLOUIN ARTINFO, 04.2014

How to Work Together: Ella Kruglyanskaya, ArtReview, 04.2014

Your Weekend, Emerald Street, 04.2014

Ella Kruglyanskaya: How to Work Together – exhibition review, Evening Standard, 04.2014

In Conversation With Ella Kruglyanskaya, Harper’s Bazaar, 04.2014

How to work together: Ella Kruglyanskaya, Royal Academy of Arts Magazine, 04.2014

This Week’s New Exhibitions, Guardian, 04.2014

Ella Kruglyanskaya: How to Work Together, Time Out, 04.2014

How to Work Together, W Magazine, 04.2014

Photos: How to work together, W Magazine, 04.2014

Valeria Napoleone dinner for Ella Kruglyanskaya, Bystander, Tatler, 04.2014

Ella Kruglyanskaya at Studio Voltaire, Contemporary Art Daily, 04.2014

How to Work Together, Art Licks, 04.2014

Gerry Bibby: Combination Boiler, Time Out, 04.2014

Gerry Bibby: Combination Boiler, ArtReview, 04.2014

Critics’ Picks, ArtForum, 05.2014

Céline Condorelli, Time Out, 04.2014

Chisenhale Gallery, The World of Interiors, 04.2014

United we stand: how galleries are working together, Financial Times, 03.2014

Umberta Genta interviews Elisa Kay, Flash Art, 05.2014

Europe, Modern Painters, 04.2014

Strength in numbers for small galleries, The Art Newspaper, 04.2014

Contemporary Art Commissioning, Museums Journal, 06.2014

Wendelien van Oldenborgh: From Left to Night, Time Out, 04.2016

From Left to Night, Metro, 04.2016

Sanya Kantarovsky’s Literary Drive, W Magazine, 04.2015

SANYA KANTAROVSKY “APRICOT JUICE”, Purple Fashion Magazine, 04.2015

This week’s new exhibitions, The Guardian, 04.2015

Sanya Kantarovsky: Apricot Juice, Studio International, 04.2015

Arts and culture funding cuts prompt new ways of working, Financial Times, 03.2014

Style, The Sunday Times, 01.2014

South likes: Céline Condorelli at Chisenhale, London, South as a State of Mind, 05.2014

Céline Condorelli, this is tomorrow, 05.2014

Remix Conference 2013 roundup, Guardian, 02.2014

Previews, ArtForum, 01.2015

Exhibitions, Guardian, 04.2015

Ahmet Öğüt, Rooms,04.2015

How To Work Together: Ahmet Ogut, Time Out, 04.2015

Ahmet Öğüt, Wall Street International, 04.2015

Opening This Week, Time Out, 04.2015

Ahmet Öğüt: Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating, Apollo, 04.2015

ArtNet News, ArtNet, 04.2015

What We’re Seeing, Christie’s, April 2015

Ahmet Öğüt at Chisenhale Gallery, Living Cool, 05.2015

Ahmet Öğüt: Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating, Studio International, 05.2015

Ahmet Öğüt: Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating, this is tomorrow, 05.2015

what work is in the age of constant communication, Guardian, 04.2016

The exhibition that’s permanently closed, Time Out, 05.2016

Calendar, The Burlington Magazine, 05.2016

Don’t Show Up: The Exhibition As Absence, Modern Painters, 05.2016

For her next show, Maria Eichhorn is giving gallery staff five weeks of vacation, ARTnews, 04.2016

Maria Eichhorn, ArtForum, 04.2016

Maria Eichhorn: 5 weeks, 25 days, 175 hours, Galleries Now, 04.2016

The Rake’s Progress: last week in gossip, Apollo, 04.2016

Chisenhale Gallery’s conceptual critique of neoliberalism is being funded by credit default swaps, Spectator, 04.2016

Maria Eichhorn’s new show shuts the Chisenhale for five weeks, The Art Newspaper, 04.2016

Nothing to see here: the artist giving gallery staff a month off work, Guardian, 04.2016

Maria Eichhorn on temporarily closing Chisenhale, e-flux, 04.2016

Maria Eichhorn gives Chisenhale Galleries a vacation for current exhibition, Art Observed, 04.2016

Conceptual Art: What’s the Big Idea?, BBC News, 04.2016

Why Is This Gallery Closed For All 5 Weeks Of Its Exhibition?, Londonist, 04.2016

What does it mean to work in the arts? One Berlin-based artist shuts a gallery for five weeks to find out…, It’s Nice That, 04.2016

Maria Eichhorn, Frieze, 04.2016

A London gallery has shut its doors in the name of art. Is that acceptable?, Apollo, 04.2016

Rebecca Clarke: Chisenhale gallery gives staff a month off work in the name of art, HR Review, 04.2016

‘And its shutdown’ Maria Eichhorn at Chisenhale Gallery, The Art Skeptic, 04.2016

Opinion: Has doing nothing become a work of art?, CIPD, 04.2016

Naked contortions, empty exhibitions and Lego’s mistake, Guardian, 04.2016

ArtBinder’s #artworld Weekly Reads, ArtBinder, 05.2016

A Deliberately Closed London Gallery Anti-Exhibition is Too Arty For Me, Gizmodo, 05.2016

Artist Maria Eichhorn opens an exhibition in East London – but you can’t visit, International Business Times, 05.2016

Artist shuts down gallery and gives staff five weeks off, ITV News, 05.2016

Welcome to the new art exhibit where you’re not allowed in to see the art, Metro, 05.2016

Artist Maria Eichhorn’s new exhibit at Chisenhale Gallery in London forbids people from looking at art, Windlight Magazine, 05.2016

A new art exhibit forbids people from looking at art, Quartz, 05.2016

Out of Office: Maria Eichhorn is Exhibiting No Art… As Art, After NYNE, 05.2016

For Its Newest Exhibition, a Gallery Is Closed for a Month, Hyperallergic, 05.2016

Culture and Commerce, The Cultural Frontline, BBC World Service, 05.2016

Closed to the Public: Maria Eichhorn On Her Show at Chisenhale Gallery, Blouin Artinfo, 05.2016

Kunstaktion in Londoner Chisenhale Gallery: Bitte draußen bleiben, Spiegel Online, 05.2016

Saturday Review, BBC Radio 4, 05.2016

Pseuds Corner, Private Eye, 05.2016

Bijutsu Techo, 06.2016

Schoolchildren’s strike puts Liverpool Biennial on the march, Guardian, 04.2016

Circle to Dovetail: Koki Tanaka at Asian Art Museum, LXAQ, 12.2016

Show of the Week, Time Out, 05.2016

Sharon Hayes, ArtForum, 05.2016

Peculiar people in Southend, chin-stroking at Tate Britain, af Klint’s hallucinogenic flower forms and more, The Art Newspaper, 04.2016

Material and in Front of Us: Sharon Hayes, The White Review, 04.2016

Sharon Hayes Sounds Off, Afterall, 07.2016

This Week’s New Exhibitions, Guardian, 04.2016

Our pick of this week’s art events, RA Magazine, 04.2016

Don’t Miss: Still On And Still Great, Time Out, 05.2016

What’s On : 5 Exhibitions Opening In London, The Bubblist, 04.2016

In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You, Artslant, 04.2016

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